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Get to know our history, culture and work philosophy

We are Naranja

Tarjeta de crédito Naranja, Tarjeta Naranja Visa, Naranja Mastercard, Naranja Amex

The major credit card issuer in Argentina

We are Naranja, a customer-oriented company known for being the major credit card issuer in Argentina. For over 25 years, we have been driven by the same objective: making life easier for our customers, merchants and employees.

Colaborador de la empresa Naranja

Innovation is our top work philosophy

Our solid experience in the market was possible mainly thanks to our qualified, human-centered employees and to having innovation as our top work philosophy, putting us as strong leaders in the financial area.

Our steps in history


Our story began in 1985, in Córdoba, Argentina. Back then, founders David Ruda and Gerardo Asrín owed a sports shop called Salto 96, and Naranja was the card associated to the checking accounts of their customers. Since the bags they gave out were orange, clients nicknamed the credit card as Naranja (orange in Spanish).

A solution for merchants

Our credit card quickly expanded, first in the city and later throughout the entire country, becoming a popular payment solution for other merchants, which grew to over 150.000 and became known as Comercios Amigos (friend merchants in Spanish).

National expansion

In 1995, we partnered with Banco Galicia, whose financial solidity gave us the possibility to expand even more and to offer new services, purchasing options and benefits for cardholders and merchants throughout the country.

Worldwide expansion

We partnered with Visa, giving our cardholders a worldwide credit card solution. Mastercard and American Express joined the partnership a few years later, accelerating our expansion process throughout the world.

Identity refresh

In 2017, we refreshed our identity under a campaign called Naranja Re_Nueva, which included dropping the word “Tarjeta” (card in Spanish) from our name because we stopped being merely a credit card issuer. We’re now simply Naranja, a new identity that helps us better reflect the diverse products and services we offer though our omni-channels, stepping up our digital transformation game.

New alliances

By 2018, we merged with Tarjeta Nevada, a credit card used in Mendoza and San Juan, helping us complete our presence in the whole country.


Logo de Naranja con la sonrisa que lo identifica.

Who we want to become

Our mission, vision, and values reflect our strength and define our Naranja culture. These principles are our daily source of inspiration and describe the ideal company we want to become.

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Our Goal

To facilitate, with joy and commitment, the life of people.

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Our Vision

To be the leader brand in both financial and non-financial services, the most admired and loved by employees, customers and the community in general.

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Our Mission

To connect with unique experiences and grow through new technology-based businesses.

Our values

Ícono chico sonriente

Ongoing improvement

To facilitate, with joy and commitment, the life of people.

Cobertura por guardería con la Asistencia para Mascotas de Naranja

Open doors

We believe there is always someone on the other end willing to listen and accept suggestions. Our channels of communication are always open and available. Regardless the size of the door… We are all there to listen!

Ícono Lupa

Enthusiasm at work

We want our people to be happy and comfortable in their workplace, and we try to make each day a positive experience. This value is our commitment to feeling better, satisfied, secure and accompanied and to form groups of friends that share the same feelings and goals.

Pirámide Ícono

Inverted pyramid

We are all committed to customer service. The most knowledgeable and those who have more experience are located at the base of the pyramid, in order to support the weight of a huge responsibility. And upwards, towards the highest level, we have our customers, who represent the present and future, and our newest additions, which have the necessary knowledge for the quality service and warmth our customers deserve.